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The Dissolution of Illusion

I was 8 maybe 9 years old when the neighbor kid, whom was a year or two older and whom I was good friends with, told me the truth about Santa. I was initially convinced he was lying to me just to get my goad. I can to this day remember the very strong feelings of inner conflict as a result of the facts he was dispensing decimating the strongly and long held DESIRE to believe in Santa. I didn’t want to believe what he was saying, but each of his arguments was stronger than and more thorough than my childhood belief system. It was painful to learn that someone you as a child revered as though he were an infallible hero DIDN’T EVEN EXIST. It was in that same conversation that my friend then told me that the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny weren’t real, either. Some of the most endearing, innocent and wonderful belief systems of childhood were vaporized in the span of about 20 minutes in his backyard. As a father, I carry on the tradition of Santa et al, because I thoroughly enjoyed the time I did believe in him, and want to see my child experience the same magic. At some point, though, the truth will make it’s way into his consciousness either by discovery, intellect, or some other child revealing it to him.


The recent formal revelations of conspiracy after conspiracy within the government by way of the IRS, EPA, NSA, FBI, ATF, OSHA, Department of Justice, Department of State, Congress, and the White House, are finally enough for some Americans to begin the the painful discernment that the U.S. government’s “benevolence” is Santa-like in reality. The painful fact that they are now wrestling with, if they have a conscience and a rational mind, is the destruction of the strongly and long held DESIRE to believe that “our” U.S. government is good, just, and righteous. Some will respond by retreating further into belief of fantasies, what might be called the “Baghdad Bob” response – they will shout even louder and with more conviction that any or all of the things the people in these agencies and departments have done is justified in one form or another, or worse yet, dismiss the conspiracies altogether. Others will argue that malfeasance by such a broad spectrum within doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole system is corrupt, that it is salvageable. For these two groups, the painful reality of facts conflicting with their illusion is too excruciating, too destructive to the self image that they wish to perpetuate that they will reject the facts in order to continue the illusion and salve their ego.┬áThe remainder that have the integrity to accept that “Santa ain’t real” in spite of the pain of wanting to continue believing in the illusion are going to have to accept at some point in their new paradigm that “America” is no longer “America.”