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Rallying the III

There is at least 1 person out of every one hundred, if not 3, who share a viewpoint congruent to ours. Clark county, WA, our little home county, has a population of around 433,000 people. At just 1% that’s just over 4000 like minded citizens – 4 battalions of people who need do nothing more than say “NO” and defend each other in the gravest extreme when our saying it is not enough. At 3% that’s TWELVE THOUSAND PATRIOTS! Even if the number at this juncture is only .01% , four hundred recalcitrant, stubborn, ornery, independent, obstinate, willful, hearty, passionate, loving sons-of-bitches in our little county who declare the withdrawal of their consent could foment a great tipping point in favor of liberty. I am however inclined to believe, based on polling I recently read, that the numbers fall nearly as high as 15% amongst the populace. That would be 64,950 people in a county that is only 656 square miles. We’d be everywhere at once! Even if the numbers are much smaller at first, say 500 committed people, once it could be seen that our superior numbers and wide distribution could actually defend each other’s liberty whilst leaving our fellow citizens unmolested, people will leave the old paradigm behind in droves and join us.

All alone I am weak, and sadly, cowardly; I know that it would be foolish to assert my rights and stand up to tyranny alone. Knowing that 500+ others of similar mindset and fortitude are on standby to defend each other, I am bold and we are strong.

A few drops of rain

Escaping from the thunder

A deluge shall soon follow


What is III%?


The “urban legend” of the period this was first published was that a snake killed and chopped could be re-animated if it’s pieces were brought together before sunset. If the III% can “join” together before the last rays of liberty sunset, we too can re-animate freedom.

    I fear what the state can do with impunity to any one man or small group that decides they would just rather be peaceably left alone. There are cases by the thousands, brought to us by the power of the Internet. A police state has been erected around us, and it is clear that the American Experiment in limited government has failed. How is it possible that the individuals whom make up the state and act as its agents can have so much apparent power? The basis of their power relies on two concepts. The first is that just enough of a plurality of the population is under a belief that those in power are legitimate in possessing that power; the second is that those in power have amassed enough people in their employ as agents to overwhelm any benign individual person or small group that decides differently. The first concept is rapidly crumbling, as a result of the power of the Internet to expose the abuse and illegitimacy of their actions. The second concept being swept aside is the reason for this blog, “Clark County III.”

Any state interloper would have to think long and hard about interfering in the peaceable exercise of liberty by any individuals of such a group.

The historical record indicates that the American Revolution had a mere 3% active support rate; that is, just 3% of the population actually supplied material support or actively engaged in resistance actions against the Crown. Extrapolating those numbers to today, when Clark County has around 400,000 inhabitants,  would mean TWELVE THOUSAND people in Clark County whom would actively and physically protect each of their fellow compatriots from the rapacious coercion of the state and its enforcers. Could it be too difficult to fathom that asking 100 random people here in our county would net you three that are ready to say “no” to the tyranny of the thugs in power? Yet those same individuals know that it would be folly to do anything about it – precisely because three individuals alone would be overwhelmed by the number of agents sent to enforce their compliance.

The state has proven it is incapable and unwilling to protect the very thing it was posited with power to do in the first place, which is to protect the peaceable liberty of the people, so it is now incumbent upon the people to do it for themselves. It is my mission, my duty, to assemble and mobilize the contemporary III% in Clark County. Even an initial alliance as small as 500 people could significantly and peaceably protect the lives, fortunes and sacred honor of each other, merely because of the strength in numbers we have. Any state interloper would have to think long and hard about interfering in the peaceable exercise of liberty by any individuals of such a group.