Rallying the III

There is at least 1 person out of every one hundred, if not 3, who share a viewpoint congruent to ours. Clark county, WA, our little home county, has a population of around 433,000 people. At just 1% that’s just over 4000 like minded citizens – 4 battalions of people who need do nothing more than say “NO” and defend each other in the gravest extreme when our saying it is not enough. At 3% that’s TWELVE THOUSAND PATRIOTS! Even if the number at this juncture is only .01% , four hundred recalcitrant, stubborn, ornery, independent, obstinate, willful, hearty, passionate, loving sons-of-bitches in our little county who declare the withdrawal of their consent could foment a great tipping point in favor of liberty. I am however inclined to believe, based on polling I recently read, that the numbers fall nearly as high as 15% amongst the populace. That would be 64,950 people in a county that is only 656 square miles. We’d be everywhere at once! Even if the numbers are much smaller at first, say 500 committed people, once it could be seen that our superior numbers and wide distribution could actually defend each other’s liberty whilst leaving our fellow citizens unmolested, people will leave the old paradigm behind in droves and join us.

All alone I am weak, and sadly, cowardly; I know that it would be foolish to assert my rights and stand up to tyranny alone. Knowing that 500+ others of similar mindset and fortitude are on standby to defend each other, I am bold and we are strong.

A few drops of rain

Escaping from the thunder

A deluge shall soon follow


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